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New Years Resolution - Discover The Night Sky

We all like to make new years solutions & my own is to help as many of you as I can, find the tricks of the night sky.

Each season delivers new promotions at night sky along with the frequent most favorite and 2008 is no exemption with many great attractions to look at at night sky.


The first of these pleasures is the ongoing near complete of Mars to the World, well value a look.

Mars is the shiny red "star" increasing in the southern beginning at night and showing a little greater each night as it gradually goes away from the World.

There is another exciting occasion at night sky this 30 days and that is the near complete of the comet Tuttle increasing to scale 5.8 (faintly noticeable to the undressed eye) as it goes through the constellations of Pisces and Cetus in the first 50 percent of the 30 days and then through Fornax in the later 50 percent.

One of the frequent pleasures this season & high in the mid night sky is the start group M45, better known as the Pleiades or seven siblings start group.

This is an easy undressed eye group of 7 celebrities, exposed in all its wonder through a couple of field glasses.


Saturn requires Middle level this 30 days as it goes towards resistance on the Twenty fourth, increasing in the southern as the sun places in the western.

For those lucky enough to reside in Southern southern Sydney and New Zealand they will get to see a partially solar surpass on Feb the 7th.

The Sun will be protected to a highest possible of 58% in Auckland.


A pretty quite 30 days Astronomy sensible, Goal is significant as the first Easter time Weekend since 1923, with Easter time Weekend dropping on Goal the Twenty third.

There will be many more substantial activities throughout the season, and at nightskysecrets.com we will keep you up up to now with them all as they open up.

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